How I found photography (or, how it found me)

I grew up in DeRidder LA.

I grew up in the parish surrounded by nothing but open space and deadland looking areas. Living in an area like this allowed for me to open my imagination and see areas for something more then just a cow field.

I went to college at McNeese State University. I got my bachelors in Visual Arts. I loved every minute of it. I’m still so passionate about creating unique and different things to shock my clients at just how amazing their photos can turn out to be.

Photography has brought me such an appreciation for human connection. When I edit, I think to myself “wow, what an honor it is to have been able to hold onto these moments for them”. I appreciate the mundane. The simple. The everyday. I also find such beauty in chaos. The busy. And the unique. It depends on who I’m working with that determines how I shoot. No couple is the same.

When it comes to my work...I love weird. I love incorporating things into photos that don’t belong. I’m inspired by unique oddities, art, different ways of looking at everyday things.. Nostalgia is where I resonate the most. I want my photos to be about the connection, the vibes, how they make you feel. I love nonplanned scenes. I love being able to create unique works of art for my clients.

I do my very best to accommodate all my clients. My books fill fast. I am not the photographer for everyone but I am the perfect photographer for some. If you’ve made it this far and you feel that connection, inquire. I would absolutely love to chat with you more.