What is a charka healing?

CHAKRA is the Sanskrit word for wheel

As human beings, we are energy, and our chakras are subtle energy bodies or energetic fields that turn, allowing energy to come in and flow out of our energetic bodies.

Once we are born, we forget that we are energetic spiritual beings having a human experience, and over time, we lose touch with our soul.

Learning about and connecting to your chakras allow you to reconnect with your energetic field and your essence.

By understanding each chakra's unique system, you are able to unravel limited belief systems, heal traumas, and release energetic blockages so you can create more balance, more peace, and ultimately more love for yourself and for others.

charka healing


Energetic blockages are caused by several things, including:

- Lack of self-awareness
- Being uninspired or "out of spirit" or alignment
- Suppressed trauma
- Stagnation
- Limited beliefs and thinking
- Judgement, assumptions, and stereotypes
- Holding on to negativity

After a while, these energetic blockages remain in our energetic field and decrease the energy flowing through the body, and ultimately create dis-ease, illness, and physical ailments.



This unique experience leaves guests feeling calm and in a state of harmony, resulting in an increased feeling of well being. Chakra Balancing is a form of energy healing that focuses on channeling energy into the seven Chakra's. When we talk about treating Chakra's we are referring to treating your energetic body. The body is not only made up of the physical body, we have an energy that extends beyond our physical well being.

The treatment aims to identify any possible blockages in the guest using crystals, essential oil blends, incense, crystals and gemstones, plus energetic techniques. The aim is to release any Chakra blockages and promote a free flow of energy to restore balance and a sense of well being. By balancing your Chakras you may be able to:


Sessions are usually held at my home in the comfort of my studio. There are no distractions or things to worry about. "My home is your home". Clients are limited to just themselves at sessions due to environment being my home and limited space. You will be treated with the upmost respect as if you were a life long friend of mine.

Sessions range from 30 Min - 1 Hr.

These sessions are NOT massage sessions, they are specifically for energy healing only.

You will experience a variety of emotions in this session, and that is okay. Sometimes we have to unblock negative energies and this can cause emotional shifts within us.

Please make sure to not have any distractions when booking a sessions. It's best to have a free day or to complete all errands before booking.



1 hr session


All one-hour treatment sessions include full Chakra Cleansing and Alignment, Aura Shielding and Protection, Session Overview, and after-care information. This treatment is one hour in length and is performed "in-person" or Distantly in the comfort of your own home.

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