What is a crystal healing?

This Crystal healing treatment utilizes high quality crystals and stones to address your specific concerns and needs.

This treatment also consists of Aura Shielding, Grounding and Protection, Session Overview, after-care information and follow-up phone call.

Hand picked crystals are used during this session to help strength your energy for whatever purpose you may need it for. These sessions are great for trying to evoke more courage, to calm your spirit, to be one with happiness etc. Much like a Charka sessions the crystals are used to attune your energy to yourself at a higher power.

Cyrstal Healing

WHAT can crystal healing do:

Perks of Crystal Healing:

- Heighten your inner spirit
- Bring more confidence
- Help with inner peace
- Help destress your mind & body
- Clear your mind



Sessions are usually held at my home in the comfort of my studio. There are no distractions or things to worry about. "My home is your home". Clients are limited to just themselves at sessions due to environment being my home and limited space. You will be treated with the upmost respect as if you were a life long friend of mine.

Sessions 45 minutes for Crystal Sessions.

These sessions are NOT massage sessions, they are specifically for energy healing only.

You will experience a variety of emotions in this session, and that is okay. Sometimes we have to unblock negative energies and this can cause emotional shifts within us.

Please make sure to not have any distractions when booking a sessions. It's best to have a free day or to complete all errands before booking.

45 min session


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