What is talk therapy?

Haver you ever just needed someone to talk to and listen? Well this is the right fit for you. In this session, you are at 100% confident area to speak what has been bothering you. You can speak your mind, soul, & body in a sacred place. Think of this as being therapy without the copay and the waiting room. You will be greeted by me and in the comforts of my home. I will listen to your story, and if you would like my opinions I will offer them to you. I will teach you coping mechanisms to help you with your problems, and offer solutions to making your life a litter easier and stress free.

Talk Therapy

what is talk therapy good for?

- Have someone listen judgement free
- Have someone offer unbias advice
- Support Unspoken trauma
- Relieve stress
- Know someone is here for you
- Release of all Judgement, assumptions, and stereotypes
- Be able to let go of some negativity

After a while, these energetic blockages remain in our energetic field and decrease the energy flowing through the body, and ultimately create dis-ease, illness, and physical ailments.



Sessions are usually held at my home in the comfort of my studio. There are no distractions or things to worry about. "My home is your home". Clients are limited to just themselves at sessions due to environment being my home and limited space. You will be treated with the upmost respect as if you were a life long friend of mine.

Sessions range from 30 Min - 1 Hr.

These sessions are NOT massage sessions, they are specifically for energy healing only.

You will experience a variety of emotions in this session, and that is okay. Sometimes we have to unblock negative energies and this can cause emotional shifts within us.

Please make sure to not have any distractions when booking a sessions. It's best to have a free day or to complete all errands before booking.



1 hr session


All one-hour treatment sessions include full Chakra Cleansing and Alignment, Aura Shielding and Protection, Session Overview, and after-care information. This treatment is one hour in length and is performed "in-person" or Distantly in the comfort of your own home.

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